This yarn is not subject to attack by mildew, making it rot resistant and providing longer service life and superior performance. Provide means of lubricating the shaft & packing through the lantern ring by supplying water, oil, greease or liquid handled in the pump. The seal can handle a wide variety of fluids, pressures up to 3000 psi, speeds to 50,000 rpm, and temperatures from -425-1200 F. This type of seal has become popular on pumps where leakage is not allowed. If I measure the inside diameter of the packing nut (where it is threaded), it is 37mm. Introduction to failures 76 2. Flax and jute are more abrasive than asbestos and can cause shaft damage. Radial lip seals are primarily used to retain lubricants and exclude contaminants. A stuffing box—also called a stuffing gland, packing gland or packing box—forms a seal between the prop shaft and the hole in the hull through which the shaft passes while allowing the shaft to turn freely. It is constructed from a strong, durable synthetic yarn impregnated with Teflon. Condition Packing Material Low pressure (less than 100 psi) Low speed (1,000 FPM6 and below) Medium pressure (100 to 150 psi) Medium speed (1,000 - to 2,000 FPM) High pressure (above 150 psi) High speed (above 2,000 FPM) Pumps & Pumping - 172 - Plant fibers with Teflon, silicon, TFE, or PTFE lubrication. Read full chapter. Lubrication failures 77 3. Shaft packing wherein the sealing ring and/or the counter-ring are coated with a thin layer of refractory or non-refractory material deposited thereon by using a plasma blowpipe. Testing of shaft seals 55 4. Bill Hinote. Fittings for Typical stuffing box with lantern ring - cross section: this purpose are standard on many pumps (consult pump manufacturer's manual). Old packing material is the number one cause of problem leaking and shaft wear and damage. Among many other projects, I will be re-packing our Spartan prop shaft stuffing box. Fittings for this Purposes are standard on many pumps. US3810637A US21780072A US3810637A US 3810637 A US3810637 A US 3810637A US 21780072 A US21780072 … Product Form. Chemical, physical degrading and wear 80 5. 81. Justin_NSA. Flax packing material is the oldest, replaced by a better material called graphite packing, replaced by a better material called Teflon packing, and “Fiber” packing, and the newest ski boats use a different style altogether. This type of shaft seal relies upon compression of a packing material around the shaft. "6.7.4 Graphite impregnated packing material shall not be used because of the possibility of galvanic incompatibility with the shaft material." In 1928, Garlock Palmyra developed its CHEVRON ® packing, the first automatic hydraulic packing using standard duck and rubber tubing, which it continues to manufacture. 3. Check to make sure the new packing is the correct diameter size. Shaft finish, hardness, and material are not critical. Flush pressure should be a minimum 1 … Put the new gland packing on the shaft circumferentially or on a template and then mark and then cut the required length. The wax and tallow provide lubrication so that the twine can be compressed against the shaft without abrading the metal. ® Packing Material Dissipates frictional heat: Over five times more thermally conductive than flax and PTFE Grease-free installation: Self-lubricating and conformable, easy to install and remove after use. They’re made of graphite-impregnated aramid fiber and are for use in pumps and valves. Most packing materials are impregnated with a form of lubricant from new. Be sure to keep in mind the safety of your packages while in transit, and follow shipping guidelines for fragile or hazardous materials. Many factors come into play when selecting the right packing materials for your business. Duramax Ultra-X Packing. • Rated to 500°F; rotation speed of 3,000 ft/min • Color is dark gray Packing Material Considerations. Remove the old packing completely. Shaft speed: What is the surface speed of the shaft? shaft packing material. View as. Packing & Jointing Packings Shaft Seal Gland Packing Flexible Graphite Based - Valqua No.VFT-22 (Stuffing box gland inside diameter minus shaft diameter divided by 2 should be the size of the packing material being used) Check the condition of the shaft. The gland at the rotating shaft of a centrifugal pump may be packed in a similar way and graphite grease used to accommodate continuous operation. Its excellent lubricity and high thermal conductivity keeps shafts running cool at all speeds. shaft packing material December 10, 2011 05:02PM : Registered: 11 years ago Posts: 641 : Hi all: I'm trying to get all my info together to start a steam power project. You want to keep time and costs at a minimum, while still providing a pleasant experience for your buyers. Tefpack synthetic shaft packing is a unique product. The drivetrain starts at the transmission and includes everything through the end of the propeller shaft – including couplings, drive plates, the marine stuffing box and shaft packing, or marine shaft seal, the flex couplings, the cutless bearing and more. It consists of a threaded sleeve and a hollow nut, through which the prop shaft passes. URL: … Posted by Bill Hinote . However, they should not be treated as a "set it and forget it" packing. Rudder shafts have stuffing boxes or shaft seals just like prop shafts. To understand this we need to understand the dynamics or the properties and the workings of the packing material itself . The shaft size is 1 1/4" - any idea what size shaft packing material I should use 3/8th or 1/4"?? The gland nut allows the packing material to be compressed to form a watertight seal and prevent water leaking up the shaft when the tap is turned on. • Special petroleum-base break-in … Installation failures 84 6. Packings with 100% GORE GFO Fiber can provide maintenance engineers with consistently high performance general service packing for wide application and use, including sealing shafts on high-speed pumps, mixers, agitators or any other equipment with rotating or reciprocating shafts. These attributes relate to the chemical compatibility of the packing material with the sealed media, its functional shaft speed capability, operational temperature and pressure parameters, and equipment service (rotating, reciprocating or valves). GFO Marine Shaft Packing is a braided propeller and rudder fiber packing that you can install and forget about. (Courtesy of Dura-metallic Corp.) View chapter Purchase book. Contamination failures 78 4. In centrifugal applications, abrasive material tends to get embedded into the fibers turning the packing into a grinding wheel Other abrasive service fibers include Novaloid, Nomex, and Kynol a phenolic material. The process fluid must be free of solids (as for practically all mechanical seals) and must not attack the material of the O-ring shaft packing. per page. Ultra-X is a high performance, non-asbestos, compression packing that is engineered specifically for the marine industry. After 15 years of successfully handling demanding industrial pump applications, it’s now proving itself in the marine field, too.

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