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Content Creation That Serves Business Goals

Content is not just about filling space, at its best, we fill hearts and minds with information, inspiration and desire. At The Multiplier Effect, we create content that engenders trust, builds relationships and moves the needle. Whether it’s a commercial to grow brand awareness, an ebook to drive leads or a podcast to establish credibility and authority, we recognize that “content is king” but only if it’s authentic and compelling.

  • Jim Haworth

    The Multiplier Effect speaks a universal truth… captured the essence of our company, gained deep understanding of our customers, articulated our mission and a clear go to market strategy.

  • Tim Schnell

    The Multiplier Effect is our Marketing department. There is no them – only us.

  • Robb Gaynor

    The Multiplier Effect moved us from startup to serious contender without losing the core of who we are… Ideas integrated at every level of our company.

  • Giddeon Sasson

    They think differently and aren’t afraid to tell it like it is… insights invaluable.

  • Gary Boyer

    The Multiplier Effect brings their A-game every day. Enthusiastic, intelligent and full of ideas, they have cost-effectively boosted our brand awareness and business results.

  • Doug Degn

    At Walmart, we think in black and white… Alicia thinks, and speaks, in full color… transformed our Fresh Department… positioned our Neighborhood Markets…

  • Jeff Wheeler

    They are the superheros of sales and marketing. They use their powers to mobilize customers’ awareness, interest and trial of products. Whether biofuels or poultry bedding, they start fast and finish strong.

  • Paul Higham

    …the smartest I’ve ever worked with.

  • Andy Gill

    Been a client three times, and bet it’s not the last.

Our Approach

Start with Heart

We believe what a company stands for is as important as what it sells. People make product decisions with their heads and their hearts. Content that is authentic and illuminates our shared humanity gives power to our purpose and meaning to our message.

Content with a purpose

Content without intention and purpose almost invariably falls flat. Ideas are balloons that float away unless carefully crafted with a vision to to move your audience and move the needle. Insightful. Anchored. Activated.

On Budget & On Time

You don’t have to have a big budget but you need a big idea. Creativity and imagination are the X factors.

Case Study


Lucid Audio


In a competitive category with big brands and big budgets, we were challenged to introduce Lucid Audio — breakthrough products that have wireless media and phone calls AND amplify outside sound. Create relevance and engagement, and drive trial and sales for an unknown audio brand on a budget too small to even let all of Austin know about them, in a category dominated by Beats and Bose.


To introduce Lucid Audio to the world with a limited budget, in a very competitive space, we had to do something different to activate interest and engagement with the brand and products we sell.

It was obvious after a few meetings we couldn’t go straight at it. We had to have an insight others had missed and an idea that was relevant and compelling enough to take on a life of its own. So we built a booth and invited people inside to hear words of encouragement, affirmation, and in some very special cases, love.


The response surprised even us. In just two weeks, the video went viral, with nearly 1.5 million video views and 15,000 shares. And the contribution it made to $8 million in first year sales, delighted our client.

Enjoy the video. And when you’ve watched it, share it with someone that needs to hear from you!