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CMO Level Talent at a Fraction of the Cost

Is your marketing investment reaping a return?

Are your marketing leaders driving strategy and sales or simply executing programs?

Trapped in the ideas vs. execution, smart strategist or get the job done now conundrum?

You’re not alone. Companies large and small are facing tougher competition, product commoditization and shrinking budgets. A Fractional Chief Marketing Officer (fCMO) may be a smart solution for you.

  • Jim Haworth

    The Multiplier Effect speaks a universal truth… captured the essence of our company, gained deep understanding of our customers, articulated our mission and a clear go to market strategy.

  • Tim Schnell

    The Multiplier Effect is our Marketing department. There is no them – only us.

  • Robb Gaynor

    The Multiplier Effect moved us from startup to serious contender without losing the core of who we are… Ideas integrated at every level of our company.

  • Giddeon Sasson

    They think differently and aren’t afraid to tell it like it is… insights invaluable.

  • Gary Boyer

    The Multiplier Effect brings their A-game every day. Enthusiastic, intelligent and full of ideas, they have cost-effectively boosted our brand awareness and business results.

  • Doug Degn

    At Walmart, we think in black and white… Alicia thinks, and speaks, in full color… transformed our Fresh Department… positioned our Neighborhood Markets…

  • Jeff Wheeler

    They are the superheros of sales and marketing. They use their powers to mobilize customers’ awareness, interest and trial of products. Whether biofuels or poultry bedding, they start fast and finish strong.

  • Paul Higham

    …the smartest I’ve ever worked with.

  • Andy Gill

    Been a client three times, and bet it’s not the last.

Our Clients

What Exactly is a Fractional CMO?

A “Fractional CMO” is a way to get CMO-level involvement in your company without having to incur the costs or commitment of a full-time staffer. A great fCMO, sometimes an individual and other times a team of two to four, should be able to transform your marketing organization in as little as six months. Short term commitment with lasting long term results. Revitalize your brand messaging and marketing strategy with market intelligence and compelling insights unleashed from internal biases.

How Do I Know If A Fractional CMO Makes Sense For My Company?

If you need senior, savvy marketing leadership – but you don’t have the budget or bandwidth for a full time hire, a Fractional CMO may make sense for you. The key is finding a person or people with the experience and the smarts to add value at the highest level of your company. The Multiplier Effect Fractional CMO Solution makes sense if:

  • You need high-level thinking and operational execution expertise
  • You would value business thinking anchored in customer behavior knowledge
  • You want to make marketing investments leveraging Best Practices and tested trends
  • You believe in iteration, innovation, measurement and continuous improvement

Take advantage of our consumer product, retail, CPG, financial, technology and healthcare backgrounds and watch your modest investment multiply into great returns.

Marketing with The Multiplier Effect

You don’t need another opinion or big ideas with little results. That’s why we do what Elvis advised, “A little less conversation, a little more action.”

The Multiplier Effect’s fCMO approach is different in that we Start from Smart. Without knowledge of the customer and their desires as it relates to your brand, our chances of winning are greatly diminished.

Too often fCMOs bring recycled plans from former jobs. Not us. What’s right for you is built from scratch, on a foundation of informed insights, latest trends and technology, and customized consumer and company analysis. With compelling insights and creative ideas, your Multiplier Effect virtual Marketing Department integrates into your daily business operations. We build the marketing engine for exponential growth and continue to tune it for maximum results.

Why Us?

Of course, not all fCMOs are created equal. In the end, you are hiring brains. So why not consider combined 90 years of experience spanning Fortune 50 winners like Charles Schwab and Walmart to super successful start-ups like Malauzai Mobile Banking and PAI Health? Deep experience in retail, CPG, financial, technology and healthcare. But make no mistake. We aren’t retired execs filling time between golf games. Our team is involved with what’s next and now. We work every day. And have the results to show it.

With The Multiplier Effect’s Fractional CMO solution, together we energize stalled marketing departments, revamp outdated processes and reenergize customer propositions and product portfolios. This inside-outside perspective breaks free of their internal obstacles and often launches new growth.

How We Do It


Start with Smart

Strategy is king. Understand the playing field. Then prepare for victory.


Ideas AND Execution

You need both. And one without the other is a waste of time and money.


Process and a Plan

Build the foundation, the systems and processes, for long-term productivity and exponential results.


Continuous Improvement

Teach the team and fill the holes. Correct errors, make improvements and get better every day. Learning never stops. We always push to be better.

Case Study


Lucid Audio


Introduce Lucid Audio, a new brand with a unique product technology, into the competitive audio market. Generate awareness, market momentum and online and retail sales with limited dollars and aggressive sales goals.


Market analysis and in-depth executive team discussions provided foundation for development of compelling brand message and innovative marketing approach. Launched Lucid Audio brand and multiple new products with highly targeted strategic marketing campaigns. Built integrated messaging including brand identity, website, videos, public relations, social media, Amazon store, and organic and paid media.


First 18 months sales grew from $0 to over $8 million. Introduced Lucid Audio to more than 2.5 million people via online videos and 144,000 new visitors to website. Sold in product to Sam’s Club, Albertson’s and others. Google ranking first or second page for all products and key product attributes.

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