Multiplier Effect


Start With Smart

We are a team of smart business people who also happen to be world class marketers. We come to the table understanding margins and multiples, resource deployment and ROI. And we are intelligent enough to know that what we do is not an end, but a powerful means to a much greater end.



Alicia Smith

Been Alicia's client three times, and bet it’s not the last.


An undeniable sense of passion and purpose drive Alicia’s quest to dig beyond standard research reports to discover insights and create solutions not seen before. With over two decades leading strategy for some of the most respected companies in the world, Alicia seeks to understand and articulate positionings, products and opportunities others overlook and customers wouldn’t want to miss. Named “Woman to Watch” by Advertising Age, Alicia is recognized internationally and trusted and turned to by clients around the world.

Steve Orlando

Steve has the ability to look at an industry with true insight and determine solutions that cut through the clutter… unique leadership mobilizes powerful solutions.


Steve’s first job was a race tire engineer for the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company. Working with Formula One drivers, your mission is clear. Start fast, finish first, and passionately strive to be better for the next race. Almost 30 years later, Steve continues to “engineer” solutions for our clients with that same philosophy. He has played key roles in marketing consumer-driven health plans for UPMC, expanding specialty medical clinics, and growing a large direct-to-consumer retailer.

Ryan Jordan

I’ve known Ryan for over 25 years and he has continuously demonstrated his communications and creative talents. No matter what the project, what the position, or what the challenge; he exhibits a communications passion that is exemplary – all while having an incredible heart to improve the human condition.


Ryan got his first job out of college by standing in a suit on a busy street corner in Los Angeles. He had a sandwich board strapped to him that had my resume on both sides and the words: HIRE ME. he received lots of attention, a bunch of confused looks and several job offers.

One of those jobs led to a role as the Director of Development & Production for C3 Entertainment where he helped to shepherd several projects including The Three Stooges motion picture which was directed by the Farrelly Brothers and distributed by Fox. During his time in Los Angeles, he also developed the writing bug and was able to sell a screenplay, Under New Management, to Bauer Martinez Studios which attached Kal Penn to star and Mort Nathan to direct.

He eventually returned to Austin where he had attended UT. Shortly thereafter, he and friend launched Buy For Charity, an online fundraising company servicing schools, teams, and non-profits. In 2010, they sold BFC to the largest player in the online fundraising space. For the next six years, he served as the Executive Director of the Amala Foundation, an international non-profit focused on growing the next generation of humanitarians. Most recently, he served as the interim COO for Impact Hub Austin.

Today, with The Multiplier Effect, he’s working his dream job – one that enables him to combine his entrepreneurial background (and spirit) with his love for telling compelling stories.


Give What We Want the Most

We support non-profits and community organizations who have had a huge impact on our lives and the lives of people we care about. It is our way of saying thank you and ensuring that more people get to experience these life-changing programs.