In-ear Monitors Earphones, Ikko OH1 Crystal Sound Quality Singer Earbuds Rich Bass IEMs with 2 -pin Interchangeable wired Light Weight Instrument Separation Fidelity Headphones: Electronics Their concept of “free hifi” really shines on the OH1. Meteor OH1 (just OH1 from now on) is a hybrid dual driver earphone that is using a single dynamic titanium coated driver for the bass reproduction and a balanced armature to take care of the midrange and treble duties. The box feature a premium quality cardboard with a nice tray system and the unboxing is a real treat and suprise at this price point. Both are good, but OH1 is better. The soundstage of the OH1 is also slightly wider. The OH-10 departs from the OH-1 significantly. IKKO OH1 REVIEW : SOUND: 8.5/10 CONSTRUCTION: 9.5/10 DESIGN: 9/10 VALUE: 8.5/10 INTRO : IKKO is a newcomer in Chi-fi world, and a mysterious one, we don’t know exactly where they came from and what there audio engineer team is, but we can guess it’s from Shenzhen as most of iem companies. ikko OH1. The IKKO OH1 (review here) is a hybrid with 1DD+1BA driver. It’s good to see that they’ve stuck with the original design structure and trying to perfect it, rather than throwing away and moving on with different designs. Regarded as the FH5 "Lite" by Daddy Zeos they're not bad at half the price, but minus another $50 and they're basically unbeatable. Ikko OH1 ($139) vs Moondrop Kanas Pro ($189): It may seem odd to include something, which costs half again what the OH1 does, but it is worth a look. Inspired by the succes of OH1, IKKO decide to upgrade a near perfect iem to achieve and even more balanced sound. Tonality is merely okay. IKKO intends to advance the new idea of "opportunity" and high devotion for music darlings with regards to the quick improvement of present-day computerized music. You will find great deals at HiFiGo. 8 months ago. However, consider the price (2hand) is 3x different at where I stay I would say r1 is a steal and I will just keep using it further until I can afford higher-end iem. We stock different models of IKKO Hifi Earphones, such as: IKKO OH10, OH1 headphones and ITM03 Headphone AMP Dongle! The OH1 have a well balanced sound signature (slight U shaped) with a little injected heft down low and energy up top. For the price I really cannot fault the OH1, you normally only get this level of clarity and control from more expensive models. IKKO OH-1 – of course this is the expected comparison. Obsidian (OH10) is their second IEM, which shares the driver configuration with Meteor, … With a $75 price difference maybe a bit less so, but lets do it all the same. The FH1 have a bass and dark profile, with a very evident and thick bass, The mids are recessed in relation to its low area, in addition to … Both share a similar bass forward tuning with good slam but the OH1 notches the win for better control and depth. The ikko OH1 is definitely worth more than its price. ... so all the prices are slashed significantly... Time for some last minute holiday gifts. The midrange is quite linear and the top end is airy and extended without harshness. IKKO Obsidian OH10 Review: Subtle yet big. Midrange more refined in the MKP and same with treble. Amplified Armature Sdn Bhd upholds product warranties as stipulated by the respective brands. There come the OH10, wich look like to use same hybrid drivers implementation, but tuned slightly differently and using a very unique alloy-copper housing, slightly bigger but notably heavier than allo housing of OH1. However, the P1 is less fatiguing to listen to for extended periods of time with its very polite treble response. Ikko was founded in 2018 by two audiophiles from China. Timbre is excellent one of the most accurate imo in this price, weighty notes and tonally correct. The price can be steep as compared to other Chi-Fi brands in the market such as Tin HiFi and Knowledge-Zeith (KZ). A Great Bang-for-Buck IEM – Ikko OH-1 Review In the Box-Ikko OH-1 IEMs-detachable 2-pin cable with 3.5 mm connector-balanced silicone eartips (s, m, l)-vocal silicone eartips (s, m, l)-soft buttoning carrying case-documentation. The Ikko OH-1 … As an underdog company, ikko did very well in the OH1’s tuning. Name:IKKO OH1, Price:MYR660, Availability:Yes, Special Discount:No, Category:In Ear Plugs, Color:Blue, Condition:New, Fulfillment Status:5 working days It is priced at around $139.00. The IKKO OH1 sport a fuller, warmer and more organic sound than the brighter, holographic, less bassy perceived Simgot EM2. ikko OH1 (OH10 as well) Tin HiFi T4; VSonic GR07; All of which are many times more expensive than the BL03, but when in direct A-B comparison in the complete absence of price-to-performance value, I personally did not find the BL03 matching up to … Ikko OH1/OH10 vs. Moondrop Starfield. The P1’s bass is also less punchy and has a longer decay as compared to the OH1. With all these said, the ikko OH1 is a pretty impressive IEM for it’s asking price. The ikko OH1 is the company’s debut universal monitor offering featuring a single BA and a 10mm dynamic driver. Thank you once again for your reply. in-ear monitor earphones, ikko oh1 crystal sound quality singer earbuds rich bass IEMs With 2 -pin interchangeable wired lightweight instrument separation fidelity headphones 4.4 out of 5 stars 174 2 offers from $139.00 The OH-10 departs from the OH-1 significantly. When one of Xtenik owner’s friends recommended ikko IEM, he got in touch with the brand owners, tried out the products, and decided to sell the OH1 on their website, an affirmation that the OH1 is of standard. Wider stage and good imaging. Design Look and Feel. Both share a very similar frequency response, same design, same drivers, but different materials have been used in the construction of the capsules. IKKO I-Planet Foam Tips $ 9.90 IKKO ITB05 Wireless Adapter Cable $ 129.00 IKKO OH1 In-ear Monitor Earphones $ 139.00 IKKO OH10 in-Ear Monitor Earbuds $ 199.00 IKKO OH7 Musikv Flagship Dynamic Driver in-Ear Monitor It has a more conventional V-shaped signature compared to the FH3’s more linear presentation. CONCLUSION. IKKO OH1 can even be recognised with its shadow. Penon Audio Online Store everyday low price sell HiFi Audiophile Earphones Earbuds IEMs Cables portable AMPs Daps and Accessories AuGlamour AUNE BENJIE BGVP SIDY Blue Bird Calyx Cayin Celsus Chord Colorfly CORECOOL COZOY DIY DitaAudio DONSCORPIO DUNU DZAT Edifier TECSUN VISANG ECCI Fidue FiiO FIRE PHOENIX FLC F.AUDIO Fearless Audio GLA HA INFO ( PHIREE ) HAVI Hidizs … The Ikko OH1 comes with a superb packaging featuring nice art piece, a rare sight at this price point. Both the Fiio FH1 and the Ikko OH1 share the same Knowles 33518 BA driver, but the difference in profile between the two is abysmal. The IKKO OH1 opens the colourful hustle and bustle of my new category "High-Class" and is therefore the first IEM I can review, which costs over 100€ and the upcoming in-ears in the segment, such as the Moondrop Kanas Pro, or the Accutone Studio 1, have to measure themselves against. Conclusion The IKKO OH1 is a great choice for beginners that are looking for an audiophile level IEMs. Upper treble does not roll off giving a bit more airiness to the mix. The OH1 is a new entry level midfi that punches way above its price point. At the sub-$200 price, I am hard pressed to find a better representation of an excellent all-arounder than the Kanas Pro. ikko OH1 / Metror, high Fidelity Dynamic and Balanced Armatures Hybrid in-Ear Monitor Earphones/Earbuds with Detachable Cable and Aviation Alloy Sound Chamber(Starry Blue) 4.4 out of 5 stars 130 $214.24 The OH1 are warmer, that is less neutral, than the Moondrop Kanas Pro, at least in the mids and treble. IKKO Meteor OH1 is their first product in the portfolio that is mostly striving for good sound quality at an affordable price. This item: Ikko OH1 in-ear monitors singers earphones/earbuds IEMs sound quality transparent stereo and rich… £130.73 In stock. IKKO is focused on coordinating the new time of advanced life structure idea into unremitting development, bringing prevalent broad media experience. With the well-praised Meteor OH1 that came out of the blue, IKKO is one of the fastest-growing brands in the IEM market. Disclaimer: The ikko OH1 sent to us is a sample in exchange for our honest opinion. The isolation is the same as with the OH1: 1A! Headphones - IEM/Earbud. They also have better timbre/natural sound for classical music. Up to the Y-split everything is still good, but then it becomes no longer appropriate to the purchase price. ikko OH1: 140: Upper mid focused: Well controlled sub-bass focus, high clarity and has an inherent "Asian" signature. Perhaps I can’t really say that they’ve come out of nowhere since they are known to be doing R&D businesses for a while now. One thing sure,… While the OH-1 can be described as mildly mid-centric, the OH-10 is a bigger V shape with more detail throughout the signature. IKKO's The OH1 has similar bass extension but the FH3 bass has better definition and control. B-B-1BA 1DD: Zeppelin & Co demo unit: 146: 73: 73: 140: B-qdc Fusion: 920: Warm: Dulled transients and lacks detailing. Sold by ikko Audio Technology UK and sent from Amazon Fulfillment. ... First off, my thanks to Patrick and Ikko for sending me the OH1 to try. Second news is that we're exploring expedited, VAT-prepaid shipments to the EU from our USA warehouse. However, the excellent build and sound quality can justify its price tag. It does what it should, but if you compare the in-ears with their excellent workmanship and haptics with the cable, you wonder how it could have gotten lost in the box. I don't [] [Amazon Canada] Ikko OH1 IEM - $139.00 - Forums Ikko Meteor OH1 Although this is a recurring comparison, I wanted to give my opinion on the two models. Any discounted prices offered are pre-approved by the brands and/or authorised dealers. Visit our FAQ page for further details on warranty claims, payment options, logistics, order … Price only 139 USD, Ikko OH1 1BA + 1 Dynamic Driver 2-Way Hybrid 2Pin 0.78mm Detachable HiFi In-ear Earphone. IKKO Obsidian OH10 took the very appropriate upgrade by taking a step further from their favored Meteor OH1 in sonic performance, materials, packaging, and accessories. Meteor (codename OH1) is the name of the first IEM by IKKO, a Chinese company founded in 2018 which chose to work on few products by focusing on quality. We thank the team at ikko Audio and the support of Zeppelin & Co. for giving us this opportunity.

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