Driver flex is when the driver bends due to the pressure of air against it. OH1 tuning makes classical sound ‘cartoonish’ due to sound signature. FA1 is a DLP technology printed IEM with a single BA each side, at a similar price point to the ikko OH1. The blue shells is made of advanced lightweight alloy. Can be driven by a mobile phone but I recomend to use a dac - much better sound. The ikko OH1 is a broadly v-shaped response but with some cleverly tuned bumps for a clean vocal and comfortable bass response. ikko OH1 (OH10 as well) Tin HiFi T4; VSonic GR07; All of which are many times more expensive than the BL03, but when in direct A-B comparison in the complete absence of price-to … The stock cable is an OFC (oxygen-free copper) silver-plated. Fortunately, OH1 treble extension is not as bad as the Campfire Audio Nova but I would appreciate the treble to be extended slightly more so that the overall sounding can be more airy and natural. ikko OH1. The OH-10 departs from the OH-1 significantly. Get your monthly roundup of our best articles right straight to your inbox. This is a more relaxed tuning, however, the tighter bass and faster attack on the FA1 may handle more textured songs like game BGMs better. OH1 has a sensitivity of 106 dB per 1mW of power and a nominal impedance of just 18 Ohms so be careful volume matching them. The OH1, on the other hand, boosts clarity and delivers a soundstage with a careful v-shaped tuning. The OH1 shows its hybrid character with a fairly V-shaped response. The depth could be caused by the performance of the dynamic driver. Ikko’s i-Planet foam tips, which are also sold separately, have a shorter stem with a wider bore, leading the nozzle to sit close to the ears than casual foam tips. Or anything else that I might be missing. I am not sure if that is legitimate but from what I see the build quality is solid with a nice machining quality and a seamless seal between the faceplate and the alloy housing. The bass and sub-bass are exactly the right amount. The shape of the OH1 is said to be derived from simulating scientific data. When you visit you will see the brand putting some cool original characters design and ”music planets” illustrations as their main theme, as well as white foxes that symbolize divinity in myths. It is balanced between analytical and warm – giving it an emotional yet detailed body in the lows. I like the color scheme on this cable. Luckily there is a lip on the nozzle that can hold the ear tips else it would be a huge challenge when performing tips rollings. Featuring the same driver configuration as the OH1 with new copper shell coated in titanium on the outside as well as platinum on the inside. The cable is terminated with a 3.5mm unbalanced right-angled jack. I commute alot regularly using the subway and I find the isolation on the ikko OH1 regular tips pretty meh. The presentation is slightly smoothened so that it is not too technical and analytical but the details are maintained uncompromised. Switching to the balanced ear tips the ikko OH1 sounds cleaner and lighter voices more natural. It feels as if it is in the center of the stage. The ikko OH1s are truly so good and so sweet to listen to on the go. This can be observed when listening to the saxophone. IKKO is a new in-ear monitor (IEM) manufacturer and the IKKO OH1 is their first release. Dynamic driver: 10mm polymer composite titanium-plated diaphragm dynamic driver, Cable type: 4 strands of 8 high-purity oxygen-free copper-plated 5n silver-plated. Overall, for an … To maximise the comfort, order the ikko planet foam tips as shipping is free and the tips are 10 $ for 2 pairs. Originally I am worried about the fit as the lower side of the faceplate seems to stick out quite a bit. Introduction ikko is a new Chinese company that specializes in iems. Let's come to what … Tips do play a big role here so I am breaking down my impressions using thew various tips supplied with the OH1. It kicks inaccurately and the decay is handled precisely. The FA1 also sounds less colored in the mids. You can feel the weight from the metallic build but the isolation is good enough for outdoors and there is better seal using the Final E tips. It first caught my attention with its unique “gem-like” appearance. It can be purchased on Amazon. This is as easy as ABC for OH1 and I love it a lot. The color and design stand out from the crowd and its aesthetics, as well as performance, will be covered in this review! The OH1 is a musical sounding iem that is able to provide full-bodied bass reproduction, soothing midrange and smooth yet detailed treble. Due to its minimalistic design, it can be easily spotted when placed on the shelf of any audio shop. It is very well-controlled. Some IEMs have very tight sockets and may potentially damage the pins if you force them out or in the wrong way. There is some slight emphasis on the highs that can be peaky for those who have low treble tolerance. However, the lower treble (otherwise known as the … On both sets of tips the upper vocal part is tuned to be more forwarded which enhances the clarity perceived. It reaches deep and there is definition to bass guitar lines. There come the OH10, wich look like to use same hybrid drivers implementation, but tuned slightly differently and using a very unique alloy-copper housing, slightly bigger but notably heavier than allo housing of OH1. Thanks to the two vents, I did not experience any driver flex when wearing these IEMs. When you switch to DAPs i.e. This is a good attempt to look professional but it would be nicer to have some actual introduction on sound and design. TL:DR- Just like the title says: Ikko OH10 or Tin Hifi P1? Slide here to add your score on the gear! It ensures an enjoyable fatigue-free listen. There is a cable binder that also comes with the cables to prevent any tangling. This is not a sponsored post, but an honest review written from a consumer’s point of view. The 2-pin connector is protected by a layer of transparent plastic. I’m thankful that there is another good alternative for beginners who wishes to enter the world of audiophiles. Sound. On mid-tier DAPs like the M11/ R6 you will hear good depth in the tuning quite like the Final B1 we reviewed earlier this year. The 0.78mm 2-pins connectors used color to differentiate the side – Red for right and blue for left. I wish to see more amazing works from IKKO. The package contains the OH1 along with a soft leather carry pouch and two sets of tips one is “bass” focused (blue) and the other “balanced” (gray). ikko OH1 1BA + 1 Dynamic Driver 2-Way Hybrid 2Pin 0.78mm Detachable HiFi In-ear Earphone DescriptionLightweight all metal cavityErgonomic design based on auricle big dataOnly 6 grams on … The pace of lows for OH1 is considerably fast. Overview IKKO is one of the new players in the audio world, the OH1 is their first IEM. My initial listening experience was a huge letdown. They also have better timbre/natural sound for classical music. Jeez IKKO, why this CABLE! This reminds me of my Campfire Audio Nova which has a similar issue. Due to the extension, the bass has a good layering with mids and highs. Usually, it occurs when you’re inserting the IEM into your ear and air in the shell creates pressure to bend the driver. Ikko OH1 shells are made up of advanced lightweight aerospace alloy which weighs only 6 grams per side. The E4000 has a flatter response and more potential to scale up with better sources. A chemical engineer by training and an audiophile with years of experience in audio industry as an audio consultant in one of the major Hi-Fi shops in Singapore. Apart from the IEMs themselves, you’ll also find: Removing the top layer, you’ll find a soft pouch containing the 0.78mm 2-pin 3.5mm unbalanced cable for the IEMs. The sockets have a fair amount of friction for inserting the cable pins. The kit included with the OH1 is fairly thorough, with 6 sets of tips (3 each vocal and balanced in SML), a soft carry case, the instructions and warranty card, and the cable. The design is quite low-profile and thin so the earpieces don’t really stick out of the ear. The OH-10 departs from the OH-1 significantly. I find some noise leakage and affected me quite significantly when I am commuting. Using the same drivers ikko have tuned the newer model to perfection. At the moment, you can … Overall, for an IEM at this price … The soundstage for OH1 is averagely wide and surprisingly deep. However, sound performance will be the main focus for most of the audiophiles. We thank the team at ikko Audio and the support of Zeppelin & Co. for giving us this opportunity. The price can be steep as compared to other Chi-Fi brands in the market such as Tin HiFi and Knowledge-Zeith (KZ). I would appreciate a deeper insertion. The IKKO OH1 sport a fuller, warmer and more organic sound than the brighter, holographic, less bassy perceived Simgot EM2. Love what you listen to, with what you have, where you are. Switching to the balanced ear tips the ikko OH1 sounds cleaner and lighter voices more natural. The treble rolled off a little too fast for OH1. I get a great seal using the standard tips. The 2 vents on the shell allow noise to enter even the isolation is good. The OH1 comes in a neat white-themed retail box and you can find 8 languages at the back for specs. Hiby R6 and the FiiO M11, you will definitely sense more coherence and bass texture with that additional power pushing the dynamic driver harder. It does not get affected by the lows due to the good layering. The price can be steep as compared to other Chi-Fi brands in the market such as Tin HiFi and Knowledge-Zeith (KZ). There is no bloat, and the … … The packaging of OH1 is relatively simple. When one of Xtenik owner’s friends recommended ikko IEM, he got in touch with the brand owners, tried out the products, and decided to sell the OH1 on their website, an affirmation that the OH1 … The ikko OH1 sounds quite opened up and engaging with phones and laptop outputs making it a good match for entry-level users. Each shell incorporates 1 BA and 1 DD hybrid driver which ensures deep low frequency and … I bought the obsidians after owning the oh1 which were universally lauded and rightly so. This sense of life shows in the mids. The isolation is the same as with the OH1: 1A! Despite being limited by a single driver, the FA1 is skillfully tuned to sound clean and balanced. I bought this pair of IEMs at full retail price. To read more about IEM products we reviewed on Headfonics click here. On the QP2R using higher gain, the bass gets tighter and more controlled and you will hear a lot more separation and better treble extension. I wish it wasn’t V Shaped like cheap iems.. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Like, how one might expect classical music adapted to a chase … With Final Audio Type E ear tips installed on OH1, it gives me the best isolation and fitting. “it kicks inaccurately” … or … “it kicks in accurately”, Your email address will not be published. You can easily tell it is a hybrid with that slower bass and different texture in the treble. Comparing the FA1 and OH1 head to head you will hear a more extended treble on FA1 that makes string instruments more lively and resolving. It is energetic and the musicality produced gives the user a sense of life. For a first effort, they really did a fantastic job, not just with the sound but also with an original design and great build quality. The ikko OH1 is a unique blue-themed hybrid universal monitor using a single Knowles 33518 balanced armature driver handling the upper mids and treble, combined with a 10mm polymer composite titanium-plated dynamic driver for the lows. It is a fresh brand started since 2018 but the designs look pretty seasoned, with a very eye-catching faceplate and a hammered copper finish, officially explained as a Meteorite theme. Isolation will be compromised when more vents are implemented to reduce the driver flex. It is good for the vocals to be staged slightly backward so that it does not sound shouty which might cause fatigue. The OH1 with the vocal tips sound great with instrumentals or relaxing jazz music but maybe slightly hollow in its performance for vocal focused tracks. The oh10 are better in every way possible. On the back part of each … The monitor shell of the Ikko OH1 is in blue color and is made of metal that is featuring a unique design language with a faceplate that reminds me to a meteor. On top to the shell, you can find the 2-pin connector. The glossy and metallic surface of the IEMs had me bedazzled. What do I mean by fun here? Nicely done on the cable! The tuning is very relaxing to listen to while at work, quite alike the vibes in a busy coffee shop where the background music doesn’t steal your focus. In any case, I prefer more powerful outputs to prevent the bass from being too fat and loose sounding but the output on phones and laptops won’t collapse like a deck of cards. Opening the box, the shiny and metallic faceplate of OH1 will catch your attention immediately. This makes OH1 a suitable choice for those who listen to pop and hip-hop. “The IKKO OH1 is a great choice for beginners that are looking for an audiophile level IEMs. The stock cable provided by IKKO is a 4 core twisted 5N oxygen-free copper (OFC) silver-plated cable. The logo and the photo of the IEM are printed on a white color sleeve. This design is very common for IEMs that utilized dynamic drivers. IKKO OH-1 – of course this is the expected comparison. This could be the only IEMs in the market who have this type of design. This increases the overall strength of the connector and boosts the confidence of the users when installing and removing the detachable cable. IKKO’s newly developed 90 ohm deposited carbon dynamic driver has a wide sound field and rich details. Appreciating good music is my daily task and I love to share the greatness with the community. This is a very complete package at a competitive price and along with an above-average build quality with those anodized metal housings. How to Fix a Short in Headphones Without Killing Yourself, Review: Lime Ears Aether R – The Atlantean Circumstance, 3 pairs for vocal-focused sound signature. Review: Technics EAH-AZ70W – the Good Old Days Is Back! With the smooth transition from the lows to the mids, it gives OH1 a lush sounding in the mids. The IKKO OH1 opens the colourful hustle and bustle of my new category "High-Class" and is therefore the first IEM I can review, which costs over 100€ and the upcoming in-ears in the segment, such as … IKKO OH1 in-ear monitor earphones 1BA+1DD. Penon Audio Online Store everyday low price sell HiFi Audiophile Earphones Earbuds IEMs Cables portable AMPs Daps and Accessories AuGlamour AUNE BENJIE BGVP SIDY Blue Bird Calyx Cayin … 2-pin cable, 6 pairs of silicone tips (vocal/balanced), leather case and cufflink. From the moment I saw internet pictures of the OH1 I liked the faceplate design which resembles hammered copperware. The smaller bore on the clear tips help tame down the fat bass revealing more details in the mids and enhance the overall balance and resolution. There will be no other color options for OH1. There is a metal gauge on the nozzle to prevent ear wax from entering the IEMs. It is priced at around $139.00. The supplied stock cable is a 1.2m OFC silver-plated cable terminated with a 2-pin 0.78mm connector wand finished in matching metallic parts barrels of the same color theme as the main drivers. With only a single DD inside the E4000 has a smoother articulation and sounds more natural throughout the whole spectrum. This assures that OH1 receives sufficient power to perform at its best. Removing the white sleeve, there is a black cardboard box with IKKO logo printed. While the OH-1 can be described as … IKKO Obsidian OH10 Review: Subtle yet big. Guitar and bass intensive instruments sound lively but strings and woodwinds may require more sparkle to sound realistic. The monitor shell of the OH10 is made of copper material which explains why … With its eye-catching blue alloy metal housing, the OH1 will bound to catch attention on the street. The unique faceplate makes for easy recognition, even from far. All the stock ear tips provided cannot give me the deep insertion. The averagely wide soundstage yields an engaging performance of OH1. The tips are separated, for vocal & balance tuning. There are some lifted frequencies around 2-3kHz which boosts nasal tones a gives a unique signature to some voices, simple instrumentals also sounds enjoyable on the OH1 when powered well. Fit, Build & Isolation Consistent with the packaging quality, the Ikko OH1 features a shell made of aerospace alloy with only 6 grams per side the OH1 … The ikko OH1 … These vents are designed for preventing driver flex. The ikko OH1 is a fun sounding item to kick off the brand and I am looking forward to seeing what ikko can bring to us next! IKKO Obsidian OH10 took the very appropriate upgrade by taking a step further from their favored Meteor OH1 in sonic performance, materials, packaging, and accessories. A lean body in the lows can lead to off tonality in Jazz due to a lack of capability in presenting a natural tone of the saxophone. Like a heavy piece of monolithic jewellery . As a result, the sound would become more revealing, gain clearer upper frequencies, and reduced clarity loss/distortion compared to casual foam tips. The IKKO OH1 is a great choice for beginners that are looking for an audiophile level IEMs. The ikko OH1 is rated at 106dB SPL and 18ohm in impedance which on paper suggests that this IEM is relatively inefficient for current but not overly demanding to drive. There is a strain relief to increase the durability of the jack. If every IEMs in the market has a secret weapon, then lows responses will be the secret katana for OH1. This allows OH1 to create an amazing layering over the track and I really love it. Luckily it fits just right and the earphones sit cozily in my ears for long sessions without any discomfort. IKKO OH10 - Reviews. With the well-praised Meteor OH1 that came out of the blue, IKKO is one of the fastest-growing brands in the IEM market. The OH1 is not a power-hungry IEM but with sufficient amount of power, it can unleash its potential, especially on the dynamic driver. The overall tuning will sound more balanced compared to the more muffled up sound in the bass when underpowered from weaker sources. There is no slider on the cable, although it still hangs on my ears nicely a slider may be preferred for me. The better … The Ikko Meteor OH1 turns out to be an incandescent star after all. I was wondering if anyone else has these headphones and has any other tips … The faceplate of the OH1 is very attractive – shiny, metallic and three-dimensional. There are some obvious lifts in the upper mids that bring out more vocal details for light sounding singers. Both E4000 and OH1 both have an emphasized bass response. While test-driving the OH1, I chose to pair it with Chord Mojo. (I have only had foam tips … If remotely like OH1: not ideal Maybe with serious EQ. With an additional tweeter, the ikko OH1 is less treble shy than the E4000, showing off more mid-high frequency texture while keeping a lot of energy in the bass. The Ikko OH10 shares the same design langue we have seen with the OH1 while it has some unique features. This makes the overall sounding in the highs a little unnatural. However, there is no chin slider on the cable else it would be closed to perfect. This unit was provided by IKKO in return for a review. The slight grey tone to the looks and the handling feels fairly pliant. The OH1 … Inspired by the succes of OH1, IKKO decide to upgrade a near perfect iem to achieve and even more balanced sound. In the box Previous Next IEMs 1.2m OFC silver-plated cable 6 paris of silicone tips Ikko … Notify me of follow-up comments by email. The nozzle is relatively short as compared to other IEMs. As mentioned earlier, the OH1 is able to produce a musicality that gives the user a sense of life. Extra Shipping Cost $ 1.00 IKKO CTU01 Upgraded cable $ 59.00 IKKO I-Planet Foam Tips $ 9.90 IKKO ITB05 Wireless Adapter Cable $ 129.00 IKKO ITM05 Music Patch $ 219.00 IKKO OH1 In-ear Monitor … Perhaps I can’t really say that they’ve … Removing the sleeve, there is a black cardboard box with the IKKO logo printed which contains the pair of IEMs and all the accessories. The ikko OH1 is the company’s debut universal monitor offering featuring a single BA and a 10mm dynamic driver. The fitting of OH1 is average for me. It could even be the winner of the IEM beauty contest. Bonus= any specific cords and/or tips to pair with your recommendations would be awesome. With good energy in the lows OH1 sounds engaging and upfront for drums intensive instrumentals, the treble never gets hot and it works well re-creating the vibes for club music. However, the excellent build and sound quality can justify its price tag. Your email address will not be published. Opening the box, the shiny and metallic faceplate of OH1 … There is a comfortable but slow bass decay with a slight dip in the mid-lows so some vocals will image a little further back. The OH1 will shift your attention to its rich bass and an emphasis on the mid-highs. Dollar to performance ratio is included below. Although the rolling off of the treble troubles me, I still find the OH1 manages other areas pretty well. Ikko oh1 tips for better isolation. BALANCED ARMATURE: KNOWLES 33518. A new contender – ikko audio from Guangdong, China with a small bowtie logo comes to us with its first model OH1 in anodized aluminum alloy housing. The obsidians are beautiful. The OH1 … It’s good to see … OH1 is a fun sounding IEMs. For each shell, there is a vent on the inside and another vent on top. The small soft pouch fits the OH1 nicely, however, the earpiece scratch against each other in the bag when you move around. Your email address will not be published. You can also hear the upper mids being pronounced and lifted for more clarity and there is quite a tweak in the treble so that nothing sounds harsh and no sibilance is heard while the snares are still clearly heard. It is a well-rounded and capable in-ear monitor from this relatively new brand. On both sets of tips … When the OH1 is queued for review I paired it with the M11 to let the drivers run in so it has at least 100+ hours play time with different music. You also receive an envelope with user guides fitted in. OH1 retails for USD$139. Removing the sleeve, there is a black cardboard box with the IKKO logo printed which contains the pair of IEMs and all the accessories.

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