A creative and enjoyable lesson, including a quiz and a group creative writing activity. If Biggie Smalls told that same story, people would say, ‘Why is Biggie promoting violence?’ ”. Who We Are. These figurative language worksheets with passage are based on our Jazz Age history rap song. And with the music and the beats and the rapping, it makes an old subject brand new." In Kelly’s experience performing "Shakespeare Meets Hip-Hop" in schools, students get the connection. In addition to those four elements, Afrika Bambaataa insisted that “knowledge of self” is the official fifth element of hip-hop culture. “The axiom I go by is, you learn Shakespeare by doing Shakespeare,” he said. But hip-hop and freestyle and beatbox, which is all about meter and rhyme, is a fabulous way to enter that world. But when first approaching it in high school, that’s a side that students don’t often see. He pulled apart one of his traditional presentations featuring Shakespearean speeches from different plays, and revamped it with hip-hop beats and music. The Bard meets the Backstreet Boys in Pop Sonnets, a collection of 100 classic pop songs reimagined as Shakespearean sonnets.All of your favorite artists are represented in these pages—from Bon Jovi and Green Day to Miley Cyrus, Beyoncé, and beyond. 16th Century disco? Released on the anniversary of Shakespeare's birthday, a cluster of the genius' sonnets have been reworked into modern-pop songs on "Shakespeare… Tune in to Will on July 10, 2017 on TNT. “[Shakespeare] is the only book that we give to students that has footnotes everywhere, footnotes and glossaries, where we tell kids practically what every word means,” she said. Growing up in London as the grandson of Jamaican immigrants, Akala felt commonalities with the roots of American hip-hop, which was born in the tumultuous neighborhoods of the Bronx in the 1970s. That’s Wu-Tang again, that’s from a gentleman named Inspectah Deck. Watch Akala perform Sonnet 18 at 5:20 here: Peggy O’Brien, director of education at the Folger Shakespeare Library in Washington, D.C., said often the study of Shakespeare can focus too much on what the words mean and not enough on what they sound and feel like. Shakespeare invented many words and his style of narration in many ways was unique to his time. 400 years ago this guy was talking about this [suicide, indecision], so really, nothing has changed, has it?”, When they brought it to high schools, “Shakespeare Meets Hip-Hop” was an instant success. Akala said he’d first seen Shakespeare’s genius and “subversive potential” when he was a teenager, for which he credits good English and drama teachers at his inner-city London high school. Lesson Plan Rewriting Shakespeare. Though the programs had changed and morphed over the years, the students remained enthusiastic and receptive to their style, which was first teaching kids about Shakespeare’s life and the times in which he lived and wrote, followed by getting kids up on their feet and speaking Shakespeare. You’ll also receive a carefully curated list of content from teacher-trusted sources. Created by: mckinnonkelly Language: English. AJ says: "Because hip-hop tells stories, Shakespeare is a good subject. No one has championed the connection between the centuries-old literature of Shakespeare and hip-hop music more than MOBO Award-winning UK rapper Akala, born Kingslee Daley, who was so moved by the similarities between the two that he founded The Hip-Hop Shakespeare Company (THSC) in London. “And so what happens is, we focus only on the meaning, and we forget that a ton of what Shakespeare is about is what it sounds like with the language, the meter and the rhyme. The pupils need to try and translate the modern, well known songs (which are written in Shakespearean language) to work out the title or modern lyrics. In a recent TEDx Talk, Akala gave multiple examples of hip-hop songs that mimic the iambic rhythm (de-DUM de-DUM) that Shakespeare used for the vast majority of his verse -- the language and rhythm fused together in a style so similar that the audience had difficulty deciphering which verse was Shakespeare and which was hip-hop. “It’s a captive audience because kids have to take Shakespeare in school,” she said. They talked about Socrates. They put the words into an intrinsic rhythm; even rap artists can still use his work. As well as earning the group critical acclaim, the album drew attention to the ever-growing scene of Mayan rappers. O’Brien said that Shakespeare has been adapted to different times in history since nearly the moment he wrote the plays, and calls the trend to bring hip-hop and Shakespeare together a great one. “And the idea [of the workshops] was to get kids up on their feet and speak Shakespeare aloud.”, Then two years ago, at the suggestion of a fellow actor, Kelly decided to take a different tack: Incorporate music, specifically hip-hop, into a typical workshop.

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