Make simple cable necklaces and bracelets, Make whimsical sculptures with yarn and glue, Make crochet snowflake ornaments for next Christmas. Cover it up with saran wrap after about half an hour to aid the dying process. Don’t you hate when your chairs scrape against your hardwood floors? DIY Instructions and Project Credit – adaiha. The soft yarn will protect your floors, and also add a little color to your kitchen. Our selection includes nearly every type of pattern you could imagine. They will be glad to have something handy in the kitchen. Another idea would be to add a hoop at the top or a hook and hang it on the Christmas tree. Instead of painting on your rock to decorate it, you can knit a really cool covering for it! Here are over 10 patterns that you can make with cotton yarns. $18.95 $ 18. I would stick with relatively thin yarn for this project so that the bookmarks will not wear on the binding of the books they are being used in. The instructions are incredibly fast and simple. And now I’ve discovered this great tutorial from Karen M. Andersen. Primarily they're used to make twisty ruffle scarves - just the other day I spotted one such scarf on a local celebrity! Check out for dozens more, like our plaid Ancel Wrap! Why a stirrup instead of a full foot liner? These are seriously amazing! You can check out my videos on how to make a chunky blanket at the bottom of the post too. The Snow Mountain Hat by Michele DuNaier is our next fingering weight yarn crochet pattern suggestion. You could set this rock anywhere and instantly create a fun and beautiful conversation piece. The yarn came in a variety of colors, I loved the soft fluffy texture. What a cool idea! Etsy: Toy knitting pattern for a little hedgehog. Stroll is made of 75% fine superwash Merino wool and 25% nylon for strength and durability. That’s why I created this chart. DIY Instructions and Project Credit – dailyfix. They are perfect for making blankets, shawls, scarves, and more. If you check out the tutorial, you will see there are a lot of variations you can make on this pattern for a different look. Yarn can actually be a great material for jewelry, especially if you want to make something simple, eye-catching and sophisticated. They have a very nice effect hanging from the shelf. This is a fun way to transform an otherwise dull grey rock into an explosion of colorful fun! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Check them out! Fingering weight yarn is a great place to start to help you create lighter, more drape-y sweaters. In the Spaniel pattern you have to add fluffy yarn only to some parts of the legs and the belly. It’s a very clever approach. The step-by-step instructions are easy to follow and there are helpful pictures along the way. These pillows would make awesome gifts and they’d add a real pop of color to a sofa or a bed. I love how they look like they are just holding themselves together and could unravel at any minute. Our directory links to free crochet patterns only. Like the sea pennies I linked previously, these little daisy squares can be used to make anything you can dream of. There is no tutorial on this site, but there are a lot of sweet ideas for making little creatures out of leftover yarn, including some absolutely adorable finger puppets! i love them all! Another easy gift idea! This is a quick and easy pattern that would be perfect for a beginner or even a child to learn crocheting. DIY Instructions and Project Credit – maiyamayhem. Not only is it noisy, but it cuffs up floor. Sometimes you don’t have to crochet the whole toy with fluffy yarn. Tassels are just all around awesome. Upcycling blog Look What I Found has a great crochet pattern for beautiful little snowflakes. I can’t find a pattern or info anywhere Which brings us to: This month, all Stroll yarns are 20% off. And here’s something I could use right about now! Still, if you are looking for more guidance, you can check out this YouTube video, which will teach you how to make a more orderly, basic version of the crocheted spider web. Love pet rocks, but tired of painting them? This pattern is available for free, and should be easy enough even for beginners to give it a try. The technique is quite simple, and this would make a great project even for a beginner. Come and see how to crochet a chunky crochet blanket for yourself! If you liked the idea of yarn baskets from earlier, but you are looking for a more sedate, traditional pattern which actually involves knitting and not just gluing, you may prefer these simple little baskets. Open neck, gentle pattern curves, relaxed fit, and cashmere content of the yarn, all create a luxurious garment. You can make them in any color you want, and they will look fabulous hanging from the Christmas tree. One of the great things about leftover knitting supplies is that you can recycle them into your crafting life by making crafting supplies! DIY Instructions and Project Credit – thesweetestoccasion. I agree that you have to crochet tightly on this project. The little birds in the birdhouses are so cute too! And if you need to organize all your adornments, try implementing one of these clever jewelry storage ideas. This Pocket Panda is a great example of how cute your yarn leftovers can become. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. In honor of this month’s yarn of the month, Stroll, which is a versatile fingering weight yarn, we are featuring some great patterns you can crochet in fingering weight yarn. Looking for a pretty shawl to make? Chenille yarn is soft and fuzzy, making it perfect for projects that need a lot of weight or bulk. I’ve seen them for wreaths, mobiles, and much, much more. This is a project that definitely benefits from a lot of different types of yarn. Thanks in advanced! Want to add a little something extra to really make them stand out? DIY Instructions and Project Credit – redheart. It looks like a fast, easy pattern for flowers that will last forever! Just think how sweet these would look hanging in a child’s bedroom! The more different colors you use, the bolder the effect, so this makes it a perfect idea to use your leftover yarn scraps. I have seen some really beautiful sea penny crochet projects which use a random hodgepodge of colors for a very pretty effect. If you enjoy your frozen treats but hate that moment when your fingers touch the frozen ice cream carton, this project is for you. This makes a great gift for a geeky friend or for yourself—perfect for bringing your set to a game at a friend’s place! What knitting and sewing enthusiast wouldn’t want a little hedgehog to keep them company? Afghan size: 42 x 66 inches (appx) Skill level: Easy - #FC00056 They can brighten up any object and add a burst of color and pizzazz. You could also use them for so many other things though! You can get very colorful with these balloons and come up with lots of cute and eye-catching combinations. Free Easy-to-follow guide on how to make your own Giant Crochet Floor Pouf with some chunky Chenille Yarn. I really like the one in the lower right. The idea is just to wrap the leftover yarn up into tiny little colorful yarn balls, and then set the yarn balls in a frame in such a way that they form some kind of a pattern. This is just about the coolest thing I think I’ve seen in ages. See more ideas about crochet blanket bulky yarn, crochet, crochet blanket patterns. What an exciting way to create some modern art! The simple shaping and construction of this design allow for an easy project for a beginner crochet garment maker. Find the free pattern over at Lion Brand Yarns. This is a really cute pattern for covering a pencil-holder! These hedgehogs make great gifts for other crafters as well as a cute addition to your own craft room. This particular spider web is very cool because it doesn’t have a completely regular pattern, which gives it more of a natural look. Bulky yarns work up so quickly! I just love this crochet mobile! Crochet Blanket in Mainstay Chenille Yarn I admired Mainstays Chunky Chenille Yarn for quite awhile before purchasing my yarn. You could do this with leftover yarn if you don’t like the color (or lack of color), or with a whole spool of white yarn if you wanted to. You can bet that these would be a big hit at a party. Personally I love the chaotic look, but the orderly look can be very pretty too. Put the pan outside in the sunlight and wait for the ice cubes to melt, dispersing their colors. This is the kind of really different idea that only an artist could come up with! They could also work as tree ornaments. These cable-braided necklaces and bracelets are pretty, cozy, and comfortable to wear. Get it as soon as Sat, Dec 5. And don't worry about not having these colors on hand. Cotton yarn is great for so many crochet projects beyond the dishcloth. DIY Instructions and Project Credit – daisycottagedesigns. The tutorial is really brief and this is a simple design that even a beginner could tackle. If you encounter a problem accessing any … Picture frames make a popular gift item for holidays and anniversaries, but think what a beautiful personal message you could send by gifting one you’ve handmade using leftover yarn. There are so many things you can do with extra yarn. $15.89 $ 15. I particularly love the soft pastel colors used in these frames; with the patterns used, they create a beautifully delicate look. It’d be a fabulous keepsake for the person who caught it! We’ve heard people say crocheted sweaters look chunky or unattractive, depending on the yarn, the stitch, the design, etc. Then again, they are just so cute you may want to keep them all for yourself. Sort by. It’s a very clever, simple, elegant solution to handling a hot mug. DIY Instructions and Project Credit – littlehomebyhand. This pouf is comfortable as well as versatile. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to,, and DIY Instructions and Project Credit – thehyperhouse. How do you do it? For full details, check out the tutorial. Here you see pink and white yarn which has been molded into heart shapes and held together by glue. The pattern’s creator says she has discovered that this is often a bit too much warmth, and the stirrup is more comfy. The pattern is available free at DIY Instructions and Project Credit – melaniefalickbooks. What a great way to take some boring leftover white yarn and make it into something awesome! Click the link to find out how to do it. But you may have enough to cover a Styrofoam ball and make it look like a ball of yarn. You will learn how to make a koala and a lion. DIY Instructions and Project Credit – lastejeymaneje. Problems and Solutions Step 1 Familiarize yourself with the problems of knitting with chenille yarn. First, colorful pandas would be adorable for kids. Fingering weight yarn is great for all types of crochet projects, though, not just sweaters! I bet these would be addicting to make, and once they are done, they would be very useful. In addition, Stroll is ideal for gifts since the recipient does not need to worry about special care instructions. Read on down to take a look at this list these chunky yarn crochet patterns so you can make a cozy crochet blankets/throws that uses chunky yarn. Enjoy…, wow, amazing crafts…… really those are very cute…i love all of them….thanks for sharing…….ur awesome. Because of its bulky size, chenille yarn is quick to knit and crochet with and is perfect for mammoth blankets and cozy winter sweaters. This is an amazing gift idea for a technology lover; just adjust your pattern to match the right model of smartphone or tablet. We have lots of other creative smartphone makeover projects if you’re keen to spice it up a little more. As a beginner I suggest against using chenille. A large bouquet could make a wonderful permanent centerpiece for a table. First we have the Effortless Oversized Top, a modern crochet sweater design by Tiam Safari. Odds are while you are making them, you will think of even more uses for them. This project is scalable; it can be as big or small as you want it to be. At the same time, though, it’s never a good idea to let your scraps just keep piling up, or pretty soon your craft room turns into an absolute mess! And guess what — some of these sweater patterns are good choices for crocheting with fingering weight yarn, like Stroll! I just love these adorable picture frames! Cozy, cozy, cozy! Tired of burning your hands on a hot mug of coffee or tea? DIY Instructions and Project Credit – littlehouseincolorado. It’s a very cute alternative to a cell phone cover you could buy at the store and will fetch lots of attention and compliments! There are so many cute ideas here; those watermelon coasters would be great for the summer months, and those daisy coasters are really clever! The texture isn’t exactly like chenille, but it is exactly as soft as chenille is. DIY Instructions and Project Credit – retrobabydesign. Bernat Baby Blanket yarn is super soft. ;D, Copyright © 2020 DIY and Craft Projects and Collections. DIY Instructions and Project Credit – olgajazzzy. DIY Instructions and Project Credit – simplynotable. DIY Instructions and Project Credit – krisknits. It is thin enough it could probably be used as a bookmark. This pattern isn’t free, but it’s only a couple of dollars, and these little hedgehogs are just so cute I can’t get over it! It’d look great on a shelf or a coffee table or anywhere else in the house. I found some awesome high yardage chenille on cones on eBay that's rated at 1500 ypp.Making it a light worsted weighted yarn. It’s a really cool idea which is easy to carry out and which has an amazing effect when you’re finished! When working on a crochet pattern, it's good to get a feel for the different yarn weights and hook sizes out there to help you decide what to work on. There is no right, or wrong. The design is really simple and you only need some basic supplies and a little leftover yarn to make some lovable little animal friends of your own. A wedding bouquet that lasts forever—what more could anyone ask for? This free pattern was submitted to FaveCrafts by Lily Sugar n’ Cream. 4.5 out of 5 stars 19. DIY Instructions and Project Credit – karenmandersen. I could easily fill this whole list with nothing but yarn bookmark ideas! You can view the full tutorial for the crochet mug cozy right here. Add to that the fact that the button is very cute, and you have a winner here! It’s an unusual idea, and it might seem a little random at first, but wow if it doesn’t look amazing! While yarn and light fixtures aren’t two terms you probably readily associate, maybe you should—maybe we all should! The knitted gecko has little arms and legs, feet, a curled tongue, and even little eyes and a tongue. For example, some crochet stitches require much more yarn than others, so while those estimates can be close, the method below is a sure-fire way to determine how much yarn you need to buy. DIY Instructions and Project Credit – hacraftyhouse. This is a wonderful way to tie back your curtains and add a little pizzazz. Use them to decorate the sleeves of a sweater, tie them around jars you are gifting, add them to keychains and bookmarks, stitch them to the corners of pillows, or use them for party décor. DIY Instructions and Project Credit – favecrafts. Basically, you soak the yarn in a dish of glue and water, cover your bowl in plastic wrap so it doesn’t get all mucky, turn it upside-down, and then drape the yarn strands over it. This idea comes from a blog from the Netherlands which is in Dutch, but the author has included instructions in both Dutch and English for these adorable yarn flowers! Available on – Etsy: Toy knitting pattern for a little hedgehog. Follow the link to the Retrobaby blog to see the before and after images for this wall clock. Do you do a lot of walking or hiking? One pattern which would be great for using up your yarn scraps is this adorable hot air balloon project! What to crochet with fingering weight yarn? It really brings the whole thing together! They’d make awesome holiday gifts! I had lots of fun collecting these projects. You wouldn’t think that a crochet ring could be anything but clunky, but this pattern will teach you how to make a crochet ring of surprising sophistication and elegance. Other options New from $10.99. There are many different weights of yarn, ranging from very fine weight (crochet thread or lace weight), on up to super bulky.In honor of this month’s yarn of the month, Stroll, which is a versatile fingering weight yarn, we are featuring some great patterns you can crochet in fingering weight yarn. They’d look great with any curtains, but the effect here is just perfect. These knitted water bottle holders look amazing, and they include a strap so that you can wear them as you walk. Chenille yarn is a soft, seriously fluffy yarn with a pile on its surface that gives it chenille’s signature look. You don’t have to worry if you have more of some colors to use up and less of others. These would look great for example in a child’s bedroom, and also would make a cute decoration for your craft room. Instead, the look seems deliberate. Enjoy! It’s a wee little duster with a cute little handle which you can use to get all the dust off your keyboard. Very cool! DIY Instructions and Project Credit – lorajeansmagazine. A larger number of them (like in the photo) would make for a really dramatic effect. The tutorial is really thorough, but easy to follow. Once again, the more colorful the bouquet is, the better the effect, so this will use up your colorful leftovers quickly. If you have plenty for yourself, you can always gift the extras to your friends or family members. Brighten up the décor in your home, put them on top of gift packages in place of bows, or even glue a hair clip to them and wear them in your hair. DIY Knit Kit for Chunky Chenille Cardigan. You can hang these flags at parties to spruce up your décor, or you can even just hang them in your home as a permanent fixture.

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