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Website Design & Development

We design and build beautiful website experiences that convert leads, drive revenue and position your brand as a leader in your space. Whether it’s digital strategy, responsive web design and web development, site analytics, ongoing maintenance or hosting & security, we take a holistic approach to crafting and evolving your digital presence.

We are experts in WordPress websites and enterprise-grade custom web design and development solutions.

  • Jim Haworth

    The Multiplier Effect speaks a universal truth… captured the essence of our company, gained deep understanding of our customers, articulated our mission and a clear go to market strategy.

  • Tim Schnell

    The Multiplier Effect is our Marketing department. There is no them – only us.

  • Robb Gaynor

    The Multiplier Effect moved us from startup to serious contender without losing the core of who we are… Ideas integrated at every level of our company.

  • Giddeon Sasson

    They think differently and aren’t afraid to tell it like it is… insights invaluable.

  • Gary Boyer

    The Multiplier Effect brings their A-game every day. Enthusiastic, intelligent and full of ideas, they have cost-effectively boosted our brand awareness and business results.

  • Doug Degn

    At Walmart, we think in black and white… Alicia thinks, and speaks, in full color… transformed our Fresh Department… positioned our Neighborhood Markets…

  • Jeff Wheeler

    They are the superheros of sales and marketing. They use their powers to mobilize customers’ awareness, interest and trial of products. Whether biofuels or poultry bedding, they start fast and finish strong.

  • Paul Higham

    …the smartest I’ve ever worked with.

  • Andy Gill

    Been a client three times, and bet it’s not the last.

Our Approach

Market Intelligence & Compelling Insights

Leveraging best practices, advanced analytics, the latest learnings and old fashioned street smarts, we invest the time and talent at the start to ensure our plan is anchored in business objectives and reflective of current and future market dynamics.

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Flawless Execution

Teamwork and tenacity prevail as we build wireframes, move to a staging site, and together craft an engaging and business-accelerating website. Our processes and project management is unmatched and your expectations exceeded.

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Measurement & Continuous Improvement

It’s not just enough to design, develop and launch a great website. “Build, Measure, Learn.” Daily site and sales analytics guide split-testing, lead/sales funnel iteration and design decisions for continuous improvement.

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Case Studies


America Hears


Create a new ecommerce business model for America Hears, a local hearing aid retailer known for its factory direct prices and solid customer service, to expand its presence nationally.


Completed Market Analysis and Customer Behavioral Review to develop innovative ecommerce hearing solution model. Anchored offering with proactive customer service and “We aren’t happy until you’re hearing clearly” Pledge. Positioned brand as America’s choice, with direct from the factory, designed in America products and real people testimonials. Created website and online campaigns to launch and drive business.


  • Over 20,000 new visitors per month
  • 10.7 leads per day – up from 2 leads
  • $52 per lead – reduced from over $163 per lead
  • Online revenue continues to increase over 30% YOY

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Create a super dynamic, vibrant and totally unique brand and website experience for an app geared towards our target demo, one with a typically short attention span – teenagers.


Creates a compelling brand and applied that brand to a web/mobile experience that speaks to youth, grabbed their attention and will inspire them to download the app once it’s available in the App Store. Used motion graphics and animation to bring the web experience to life and create something that felt new and fresh. Optimized for mobile as vast majority of target demo more likely to use mobile.


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