Within the space of ten and a half years from the summoning of the States-General at Versailles (May 1789), parliamentary government fell beneath the sword. His bright features turned pink beneath his wire-rimmed glasses and straw-colored hair. figurative (lower socially than) al di sotto di prep preposizione o locuzione preposizionale : Particella o espressione che determina la funzione sintattica della parola o locuzione seguente: per, in, a causa di The ground shook beneath them as the weapons hit the ground. in hornbills and screamers, into every part of the skeleton, or, in the shape of innumerable pneumatic cells, even beneath the skin. 3. It was not lonely, but made all the earth lonely beneath it. "Wimps!" beneath the ectoderm, but the B, Peduncle. In the open space between the clouds and the black, bubbling sea far beneath, could be seen an occasional strange bird winging its way swiftly through the air. Beneath me floated the waves, throwing long shadows on the so-called graves of Odin, Thor, and Friga. Unable to sleep without knowing the truth, Toby huddled beneath the jungle leaves and stretched his senses until he found Katie. The heat of his bare chest beneath her hands and the hardness of his arousal against her belly made need roar to life within her. She was pale beneath her warm color with dark circles beneath her eyes. The ground beneath her rumbled suddenly, and she straightened, balancing herself against a tree. The principal folding took place at the close of the Carboniferous period, and was contemporaneous with that of the old Hercynian chain of Belgium, &c. The Permian and later beds lie unconformably upon the denuded folds, and in the space between the Montagne Noire and the Cevennes proper the folded belt is buried beneath the horizontal Jurassic strata of the Causses. The Agrippeum, a covered theatre, derived its name from Vipsanius Agrippa, whose statue was set up, about 27 B.C., beneath the north wing of the Acropolis propylaea, on the high rectangular base still remaining. From Seatoller in Borrowdale a road traverses Honister Pass (1100 ft.), whence it descends westward, beneath the majestic Honister Crags, where green slate is quarried, into the valley containing Buttermere (94 ft. Other accessories are an hour-circle, around the north pole, a compass placed beneath the globe, and a flexible quadrant used for finding the distances between places. But really this stream is surpassed both in volume and length of course by two others which it joins beneath Briancon: - the Clairee, flowing in from the north, through the smiling Nevache glen, at the head of which, not far from the foot of the Mont Thabor (10,440 ft.), it rises in some small lakes, on the east side of the Col des Rochilles; and the Guisane (flowing in from the northwest and rising near the Col du Lautaret, 6808 ft.). The main distinction is the occurrence in the tissue of the fruit, or beneath the rind, of clusters of cells filled with hard woody deposit in the case of the pear, constituting the "grit," while in the apple no such formation of woody cells takes place. Raw, unguarded, a mix of desire and surprise that caused her cheeks to flush and her body to yield beneath him. When the earthquake struck, we felt the Earth move beneath us, and saw buildings swaying for a … Dean chuckled as he reached beneath the mat to a back corner for something that caught his eye. Katie slammed to the ground, holding Deidre as tightly as she could. The ceiling above us was divided with half the room beneath a concrete slab and the remainder under what appeared as thick planking, well out of reach to either of us. She felt both awed and terrified watching his rippling, shapely muscles move beneath the olive skin. She stood on a covered landing of a fortress made of black stones overlooking a parched desert beneath dual suns too faded to provide anything other than indirect light. These segments spring apparently from the top of the ovary - the real explanation, however, being that the end of the flower-stalk or "thalamus," as it grows, becomes dilated into a sort of cup or tube enclosing and indeed closely adhering to the ovary, so that the latter organ appears to be beneath the perianth instead of above it as in a lily, an appearance which has given origin to the term "inferior ovary.". Her face warmed and reddened beneath the scrutiny. - a, Bed-bug (Cimex lectularius, Linn. 306215 They live on the floor beneath. Cambridge Dictionary +Plus … The earth trembled, and her legs crumbled beneath her. It is possibly for the purpose of feeding on parasitic mites that book-scorpions lodge themselves beneath the wing-cases of large tropical beetles; and the same explanation, in default of a better, may be extended to their well-known and oft-recorded habit of seizing hold of the legs of horse-flies or other two-winged insects. As he lifted the computer monitor, he caught sight of a paper beneath it. He was muscular and buff beneath the trench. In these, as in Patella, the typical ctenidia are aborted, and the branchial function is assumed by close-set lamelliform processes arranged in a series beneath the mantle-skirt on either side of the foot. He stumbled, his body straining beneath her weight and his speed. Beneath, at the north-eastern corner, is the cleft which formed the sanctuary of the I Eµvat, or Erinyes. She looked him in the eye, silhouetted in the glow from beneath the door, the only light in the nearly dark room, and began to undo his belt. But beneath the slope, by the cart with the wounded near the panting little nag where Pierre stood, it was damp, somber, and sad. They decided she was marrying beneath her. She stopped and shoved Toby behind her, drawing the knife Gabe had given her. To keep the helmet in position,[] fasten the strap, 27. Dean asked as he paused beneath a streetlight. She tossed the fish back to the ocean and coiled the rope, hiding it beneath several small rocks in the back of the cave. 例文帳に追加 こんなことに一喜一憂していたんでは男がすたる. Fashions changed in quick succession; upper clases were successively copied by those beneath them and were forced to ensure their dignity by assuming new styles. Already, by the first of September, I had seen two or three small maples turned scarlet across the pond, beneath where the white stems of three aspens diverged, at the point of a promontory, next the water. extends beneath the abdomen on either Europe. The paucity of outcrop in the Acraman depression How to use beneath in a sentence. 100 examples: Changes beneath the aggregate level of social welfare expenditures appear more… I fear for his reputation if we be discovered but I have never been happier than next to him, beneath the buffalo robe that covered us. It didn't take much for her to imagine what the body beneath the tight shirt was like. His fierceness took her breath away, and the dark circles beneath his eyes drew her sympathy. Muscles bunched and released beneath his smooth skin, the chiseled body even more defined from the effort of battle. The of the evolution of the ganglioncells is probably similar; an epithelial cell develops processes of nervous nature from the base, which come into connexion with the bases of the sensory cells, with the muscular cells, and with the similar processes of other nerve-cells; next the nerve-cell loses its connexion with the outer epithelium and becomes a sub-epithelial ganglion-cell which is closely connected with the muscular layer, conveying stimuli from the sensory cells to the contractile elements. 2. He sliced his forearm and tucked the knife beneath his pillow once more, closing his eyes. No stone left unturned until I see the blood of my tipster-nemesis flood the ground beneath her panicked body. Watase has shown, in a very convincing way, how by deepening the pit-like set of cells beneath a simple lens the more complex ommatidia of the compound eyes of Crustacea and Hexapoda may be derived from such a condition as that presented in the lateral eyes of Limulus and Scorpio. 2. beneath definition is - in or to a lower position : below. Third or hindermost plate of the prosoma beneath which the sixth pair of legs is articulated. (a) In Burma, as in many other countries, those who die a violent death are held to haunt the place where they met their fate; consequently when a town is built living men are interred beneath the ramparts and the pillars of the gates. Ia, frons; b, clypeus (the pointed labrum beneath it); II, mandible; III, first maxilla; (a, base; b, sheath; c, piercer), III', inner view of sheath; IV, second maxillae forming rostrum (b, mentum; c, ligula). She did not know and would not have believed it, but beneath the layer of slime that covered her soul and seemed to her impenetrable, delicate young shoots of grass were already sprouting, which taking root would so cover with their living verdure the grief that weighed her down that it would soon no longer be seen or noticed. The Ouray skating rink was located on the north side of town, snuggled beneath the shade of a canyon wall to the east.

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